Young Beidnahga



Reissued for the march European tour.
Limited to 50 CDR copies - SOLD OUT


released March 1, 2010

Music By – Daniel Lopatin
All music 2004, 2008.
Originally released as rur062 (ruralfaune 2009)

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"*EXTREMELY LIMITED 2010 EDITION OF THIS ONEOHTRIX OBSCURITY FROM 2008* Adding to the swelling collection of hugely sought-after OPN albums, this is his highy limited transmission for the French Ruralfaune label, home to music from Pocahaunted, Uton and Robedoor. 'Young Beidnahga' was originally recorded between 2004-2008 and released at the beginning of 2009 in a run of only 92 copies. Having checked as much OPN stuff as we can, we'd have to say that "Young Beidnahga" is among his most interesting and "free" material, centred on two long tracks (plus one odd ditty). With 'Continuous Smooth Jazz Trepanation' he places us in deep space, enveloping the senses in a matrix of faders and buttons, buffeted around the shuttle with dissonant synth blasts and Ra-esque harmonic implosions over the thirteen minute duration. Chrome-plated psy-flutes spray melodic sequences into the wiring, disorientating and confusing the on-board computers, scrambling coordinates and leading us on a trjectory to f*ck-knows-where. When we get there 'Young Beidnahga' offers some sort of solace as the melodies become more organised and stable, centering us while the synth plumes expand outwards into the inky darkness. Finally 'I Know It's Taking Pictures From Another Plane (Inside Your Sun)' seats us in the mess deck, before it all went wrong, and one of the crew is captured on the ships computer playing his ancient six string for comfort.

"Not only do we finally have the awesome Oneohtrix Point Never Returnal record now available on cd, we also just got in OPN's Young Beidnahga, released as part of Ruralfaune's Synth series (along with the Innercity reviewed elsewhere on this week's list too!), but it sold out so quick we never got a single copy. Thankfully, the label decided to do one more small batch, so the band would have copies to sell on their recent European tour, and we'd have copies to sell in the shop!
Three tracks, 26 minutes, long form blissed out spacedrones, but somehow a bit more twisted and gnarled than other OPN releases, beginning with some sprawling wavery tones that sound almost Native American, the synths soon go wild, emitting wild tangles of melody, laced with what sounds like fluttering flutes, a wild trancelike swirling soft psychedelic squall that goes on and on and on, until eventually morphing into what sounds like several minutes of lazer battle! The second track continues in much the same vein with spidery melodies branching out and intertwining, trills and arpeggiated runs, all laid over hazy whirs and a fuzzed out, blurred background soundscape, those flute like flutters return, everything sun dappled and reflective, this track two morphs part way through and becomes a woozy sprawl of spare lo-fi analog synth squiggle. The last track is definitely a surprise, a strange stripped down coda, all acoustic guitars, strange effected vocals, some sort of druggy psychedelic dronefolk, lo-fi and a bit twisted, but also weirdly lovely.
Strange for sure, even by already strange OPN standards, far out and space-y and psychedelic, this should appeal to all you kraut-drone space-synth fanatics...
Be warned, we got a little less than 40 copies, and we won't be able to get more, so this is it, and it's a doozy, so if you're already a fan, you're FOR SURE gonna want one, and if you've always wanted to check out OPN, this is as good a place to start as any.... "

"The EP Young Beidnahga (2009) added two lengthy suites that rank among his most creative contributions to electronic soundpainting: Continous Smooth Jazz Trepanation, a relentless pattern slowly metabolized by a pastoral flute, and the fluttering stream of consciousness of Young Beidnahga that shifts timbre halfway and turns into a carillon of sorts."

"The third re-issue is CD-only and comes courtesy of France’s Ruralfaune label. It originally came out on the same label in 2009, and boasts surely one of the year’s best track titles – ‘Continuous Smooth Jazz Trepanation’."

"Autant le post-space-kraut-ambient-pop-whatever de Ma Chérie for Painting m'enchante, autant là j'ai plus de mal. Je ne comprends pas tout cet enthousiasme qui entoure OPN depuis plusieurs années déjà. On le retrouve ici en plein revival planant rétro-futuriste - sa marque de fabrique, avec tout de même une courte dérive acoustique à la guitare pour vous surprendre en fin de parcours. Je ne dis pas que je n'aime pas, j'aime bien... mais sans plus! Et je n'ai pas le courage d'affronter son double album Rifts, même s'il est considéré comme son meilleur. Comme je l'avais déjà noté en postant une série de références du label cet été, Ruralfaune effectue un vrai travail de défrichage, puisqu'aujourd'hui OPN se retrouve signé sur Mego, s'offrant même une collaboration avec Fennesz et le Antony d'Antony & the Johnsons le temps d'un single. La reconnaissance?"


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