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Limited to 100 CDR copies - SOLD OUT


released November 18, 2010

Synths - Daryl Groetsch
Cover art - Ed Lehan
Thank you - Jack Vance

Pulse Emitter is the musical project of Daryl Groetsch, based in Portland, Oregon, USA. He focuses on hyper-melodic synthesizer music that's equally transportive and uplifting. Since 2004, he's released albums on acclaimed labels such as Constellation Tatsu, Beer On The Rug, Immune Recordings, Aguirre Records, and Tranquility Tapes, and has toured dates and festivals in Europe and North America.

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"Latest batch of swirly swooshy, psychedelic sci-fi synth new age drift from Pulse Emitter, aka Daryl Groetsch, and since we've raved on and on about PE over the course of close to 15 releases (and those are just the ones we were able to get enough of to list) we most definitely risk repeating ourselves, which is probably okay, as this is another perfect installment in Groetsch's ever expanding catalogue of otherworldly synthscapes.
This one is crazy limited too, we only have about 15 copies, and it's already out of print so odds are these will be gone in a flash, fans, you already know what you're instore for, and probably want to grab one of these quick. Newbies, prepare to be transported to some strange futureworld, but one as envisioned by our 1980 selves, rocket cars, and space probes, cities in orbit around dying planets, whole worlds buried beneath the ruined surface. We can't help but envision Logan's Run, especially on the first track here, a percolating arpeggiating synthscape laced with laser beam effects and deep buzzing ominous basslines, super soundtracky, and evocative of some low budget sci-fi future.
The second track is a bit more sun dappled and new agey, but is cut from the same cloth, so in some ways it almost sounds like the love scene from that imaginary future, but it too is laced with weird swooping low end buzz, and strange streaks of blooping and bleeping FX, which transform the tranquility of the main synth lines into something a bit more dramatic.
After a short-ish, music box like synth ballad, thick swells beneath tinkling melodies, comes the 10+ minute closer, a sprawling expanse of sci-fi space kraut synth drone bliss, super spare and abstract, dreamy and woozy and mediative, hazy and hypnotic, and the perfect soundtrack to drifting off, and floating weightless into space. So good.
And again, LIMITED TO 100 COPIES. Already sold out at the label so these are indeed the last copies we'll be able to get..."

"Nice synthedelia from Portland's Daryl Groetsch. Retrofurutistic, cinematic, pulsing (duh) vintage electronix."

"A limited edition CDr from Daryl Groetsch’s Pulse Emitter project. Industrial-style electro-synth release. Just 100 copies worldwide. Released by the France-based Synth Series label. RECOMMENDED."


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